Step 1 – Our Recommended PDUs

As of December 1, 2017, you must follow new PDU requirements. If you use RenewPM™, you don’t need to worry about the complicated rules and categories for earning and claiming PDUs, we’ll handle that for you.

For the easiest and cheapest way to renew your certification,™ recommends that you meet the current 60 PDU requirements by claiming:

  • 8 PDUs (maximum allowed) for working in project management (assuming you worked the previous 3 years full-time in project management — if not, claim less)
  • Up to 30 PDUs (maximum allowed) for reading project management books
  • The remaining 22-60 PDUs for free (or paid) education from a Registered Education Provider (REP) listed in PMI’s PDU management system (CCRS)

Note: you could earn all 60 PDUs from a REP course or by watching free videos from (a REP). However, courses or videos can often be the least productive use of your time, unless you need to take a specific REP course for other reasons. Therefore, we usually recommend claiming PDUs for reading project management books on your own time. There are also other ways to earn PDUs, but in our experience, the rules and documentation required to defend against questions or audits from PMI make the other methods not worth the effort.

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