PMP PDU – What is a PDU? What are the rules for earning PDUs?

What is a PMP PDU?

In PMI-speak, a PMP PDU is a “Professional Development Unit”, which is equivalent to one hour of project management education or other professional development activities.

Why are PDUs important for PMPs?

When you renew your PMP (or other PMI certification), you are required to document the hours you have spent in “professional development” activities (such as watching exciting project management videos or reading project management books or articles such as this one).

The rules for which types of professional development activities and what types of PDUs are needed are a bit complicated.

Why are the rules for earning PDUs for PMP recertification so complicated?

To encourage you to do a bit more “professional development” than reading silly articles like this one?!? And maybe to try to encourage PMPs to pay for training courses. But you don’t have to pay for training courses you don’t need.

What if I don’t want to pay for more project management courses just to earn a PDU?

I hear you. Like most PMPs, I get my professional development from working on innovative projects with great people, not from watching videos or paying for courses. That’s why I earn all my PDUs for free and renew my PMP in one month two years ahead of time. You can learn how to do this yourself or have FastPDU handle your PMP renewal for you.

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